A pair of Fort Myers residents are in jail on drug charges after a traffic stop in Punta Gorda on Tuesday afternoon.

Police spotted a Ford Mustang drifting between lanes on Tamiami Trail, and pulled over the car driven by 34-year old Alexanda Mousseau. During the stop, the deputy noticed the woman was shaking, unusually nervous, and had multiple needle marks on her arm.

A K9 unit alerted the deputy to the presence of drugs, where police found meth and a spoon under the shift knob, a small safe in the trunk, and a case stuck to the car’s firewall under the hood.

The safe had more than $3,000 in cash, the case more than 9 grams of crystal meth. Police also found a notebook with names and amounts which police believed to be a sales ledger.

Both Mousseau and her passenger, 49-year old James Maroney, were charged.