Sarasota police continue to investigate an accident early Monday morning that took the lives of 3-21 year olds. The four were well known in the local music scene. Police describe the scene as one of the most horrific accident scenes they have encountered. Three young musicians died and a forth was injured in the single car accident. Police say based on the scene the car was traveling at a very high rate of speed when it went off the road while traveling west on University Parkway and hit several trees around 2:30 Monday morning Near the airport. Dead are: Wesley McCurley 21, of Sarasota, Michael P. Duffy, 21 of Sarasota, and Dane W. Custer of Bradenton.
The Driver, Thomas Bentley, also 21, was ejected from the death car and is expected to be ok. Police say Bentley has a history of speeding and driving infractions. The investigation into the triple death accident is continuing.