The hurricane season has begun quietly this year, but forecasters warn that rough weather expected to bring up to 8 inches of rain to Tampa Bay and up to 20 inches to South Florida this week could change that.

Meteorologists at the National Hurricane Center are monitoring an area of low pressure currently hovering over the eastern Gulf of Mexico. While the chances of this system developing into a tropical storm are low, the potential for heavy rainfall is significant.

There is almost no chance of tropical formation in the next two days, but the odds increase to 20% over the coming week as the system moves northeast across Florida and into the Atlantic Ocean. “Regardless of development, heavy rainfall is expected across portions of Florida during the next few days,” the hurricane center stated.

Ross Giarratana, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s Tampa Bay office, reassured that there isn’t a risk of the system organizing into a storm until it has moved past Florida. By then, it will be heading up the Atlantic Ocean, where it could pose more of a threat to the Southeast U.S.

“As far as any tropical development, we’re not really expecting that to be a concern here in Florida,” Giarratana said.

He emphasized that residents on Florida’s west coast should prepare for heavy rains, while those on the east coast may experience significant wave activity along beaches.

“Even if it did develop into something, chances are somewhat favorable that it should hopefully move away from the U.S. by the weekend,” Giarratana added.