North Port, Florida

In a disturbing turn of events, a man charged with sexually assaulting a minor is now facing additional charges of armed kidnapping and aggravated battery. The accused, Stephen Hudek, aged 60, was apprehended by North Port Police officers after someone reported the minor’s allegations to the authorities.

Last month, authorities received a report detailing the allegations of a minor who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Stephen Hudek. An investigation that would ultimately uncover a more extensive series of crimes committed by the accused.

Following the initial report, North Port Police officers acted promptly, taking Stephen Hudek into custody. Subsequent investigations uncovered evidence linking Hudek to further serious offenses. As a result, he now faces additional charges of armed kidnapping and aggravated battery. These charges indicate the severity of the crimes allegedly committed by the accused and demonstrate the willingness of law enforcement agencies to pursue justice vigorously.

The charges brought against Stephen Hudek for sexually assaulting a minor have now been compounded by the serious offenses of armed kidnapping and aggravated battery. This case serves as a reminder that we must remain vigilant in protecting vulnerable members of society and responding swiftly to reports of abuse. It is imperative that survivors are given a safe space to come forward, and that justice is pursued diligently. As this case progresses through the legal system, it is our hope that the victim receives the support they need, and that appropriate consequences are imposed on the accused, ensuring the safety and