May 11, 2022 – Port Charlotte, FL

Charlotte County deputies conducted a traffic stop for a seatbelt violation and discovered narcotics in the vehicle, as well as a one-year old child.

While traveling North on Tamiami Tr. in Port Charlotte, deputies observed a man driving without his seatbelt fastened. A traffic stop was conducted and the driver, Michael Roebuck (10-23-1987), was issued a warning for the violation. At that time, the deputy asked Michael and the front-seat passenger, Lauren Samocki (1-8-1986) if there was anything illegal inside the vehicle. The occupants responded that there was not.

Michael A. Roebuck (10-23-1987)
Lauren A. Samocki (1-8-1986)

A free air sniff by K9 Odin was conducted, which alerted at multiple areas of the vehicle. A probable cause search followed, and deputies found a black wallet on the passenger seat, which Lauren had been sitting on. Inside the wallet was a baggie containing several smaller baggies filled with a white, powdery substance, which was suspected to be fentanyl. When questioned about the wallet, Lauren claimed to have no knowledge of its contents. A search of the bag on Lauren’s waist revealed another baggie of the same substance.

In the center console of the vehicle, deputies located a soap dish container which contained additional baggies containing a white, powdery substance and a tampon applicator which also had the substance in it. Michael’s driver’s license was found underneath this container.

In the backseat of the vehicle, deputies found a black rubber box item, which was at the feet of the one-year old child. The box contained a blue cloth bag which contained two pipes used for methamphetamine. Additionally, a baggie containing methamphetamine was found in this bag as well as a hollow object with four baggies of narcotics wedged inside. The deputies believed three of these baggies contained fentanyl and one contained cocaine.

All of the suspected narcotics were tested and reacted positively as fentanyl, methamphetamine, and cocaine.

“I have said it before and I will continue to say it until people understand: there is no excuse for endangering the life of a child because of your addiction. I hope this incident makes these two realize how dangerous this lifestyle is – for everyone – and they seek the treatment they need.”


Both Lauren and Michael were placed under arrest, and DCF was notified to take custody of the child. Lauren was found to be on active felony probation as well from a previous, out-of-county offense.

Lauren and Michael are currently being held at the Charlotte County Jail without bond.