Dead fish are reported washing up on local beaches causing putrid smells and breathing issues for some. The red tide organism Karenia brevis produces brevetoxins that affect the central nervous system of these fish. Wave action can break open K. brevis cells, releasing those toxins into the air and leading to respiratory irritation.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission recently sampled and analyzed the waters of Charlotte County. The results indicated an elevated count of Red Tide cells in the following locations: Boca Grande Causeway; W of (Placida Harbor) Boca Grande Pier (Gasparilla Sound) Gasparilla Pass Englewood Beach Sandfly Key; NE of (Gasparilla Sound) Catfish Creek; mouth of (Gasparilla Sound) Garfield Court; SW of (Placida Harbor) Tom Adams Bridge; S of (Lemon Bay) Stump Pass (Lemon Bay) For more information about Red Tide, go to Red Tide Information | Florida Department of Health in Charlotte (