Investigation Update

In Port Charlotte, Florida, a distressing incident unfolded over the weekend as a 4-year-old gained access to a loaded firearm, resulting in a 2-year-old being shot in the hand inside a residence on Pulaski Street. Authorities rushed to the scene, where the injured toddler was promptly transported to a hospital and is anticipated to recover.

While initial investigations suggest the shooting was accidental, questions loom regarding the circumstances leading to a child possessing a gun. The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is adamant about holding someone accountable for the incident, emphasizing the imperative of firearm safety, especially in households with children.

Residents of the Port Charlotte neighborhood, like Katy Panno, express shock and concern over the incident, stressing the necessity of securing firearms away from young ones. Authorities confirm that a parent was present during the shooting and is cooperating with the ongoing investigation.

Sheriff Bill Prummell urges gun owners to prioritize safe storage practices and underscores the importance of safeguarding vulnerable individuals. Detectives executed a search warrant, although details remain undisclosed due to the extended holiday weekend. The Florida Department of Children and Families is actively involved in the case.

While inquiries persist regarding the repercussions for the gun owner and the well-being of the children involved, responses from the sheriff’s office and DCF are pending. Gun salesman Cody Peterson underscores the fundamental principles of firearm safety, emphasizing responsible handling and storage practices.