As winter residents return to the area during the cooler, drier months, North Port Utilities Director Mike Vuolo asks all residents to reduce their water consumption as demand for potable water increases and The Peace River Manasota Regional Supply Authority is operating at 75% capacity due to rehabilitation work that started in the spring.

“We are asking NPU customers to voluntarily conserve water as the regional partners within the Authority work together to ensure pumping capacity throughout the region,” said Vuolo.

Supply chain issues have affected the timeline for repairs being completed at several potable water facilities within the Authority’s service area. With 6.5 billion gallons of water in the reservoir system, the conservation request is made not due to a lack of available water, but to temporarily reduce the pressure upon the potable water production system.

“Demand for water rapidly increases this time of year as rainfall decreases and our population booms during season. Simple water conservation methods go a long way. Fix leaks in your kitchen and bath, ensure that your irrigation system is operating properly, skip a day of watering, and take shorter showers. Every drop counts.”

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