The Gabby Petito case, which captured national attention in 2021, has resurfaced with newly released FBI documents. Petito went missing during a cross-country road trip with her then-boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, and her remains were later found in Bridger-Teton National Park, Wyoming. The case took a tragic turn when Laundrie’s remains were discovered along with a notebook in which he confessed, “I ended her life.”

Recently unclassified documents from the FBI, spanning 366 pages, provide new insights into the final days of Petito’s life. Witnesses reported seeing the couple, along with two unidentified men, at a gas station in Utah. According to two employees, Laundrie asked for directions to Yellowstone National Park while Petito locked herself in the bathroom, crying loudly. The employees, Beatles fans, distinctly remembered her “Let it be” tattoo.

Petito remained in the bathroom for several minutes before rejoining Laundrie and the two men in their van. The following day, another witness saw Petito crying outside the van while Laundrie refueled at a different gas station in Utah.

The documents also include a handwritten note from Petito addressed to Laundrie, expressing frustration and blaming him for their strained relationship: “This is all your fault.”

Surveillance footage plays a critical role in the timeline leading up to Petito’s death. Until the last week of August 2021, videos show both Petito and Laundrie inside their van. However, starting August 30th, all footage shows only Laundrie driving with the passenger seat empty.

Another crucial piece of information emerged from a witness who saw Laundrie hitchhiking in Grand Teton National Park the day after the last confirmed sighting of the couple together. The witness reported that Laundrie abruptly exited their vehicle before reaching his intended destination, claiming they were going the wrong way.

These newly revealed details add depth to the tragic narrative of Gabby Petito’s disappearance and death, highlighting signs of distress and a deteriorating relationship in the days leading up to her murder.