Proper procedure was followed. That’s the word from Manatee County Sheriff Rick Wells about an officer-involved shooting that happened Tuesday night in Bradenton. A man was shot and killed by a deputy even though no weapon was found. The deputy said the man verbalized that he had a gun. A domestic disturbance was called in and deputies responded to a gas station on Cortez Road where a man and a woman were found and needed to be separated. Police arrived on scene only to watch 38-year-old Corey Mobley leave the scene. He was found a short time later on 6th St. W., but was hiding in the vicinity of a home in the area. Police say the man admitted to having a gun, failed to show his hands as ordered, and was shot. He was taken to Sarasota Memorial Hospital where he was declared dead. Sheriff Wells reiterated that once the man said he had a gun, procedure was followed.