Deputies with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man on drug trafficking charges Tuesday, just 12 days after his previous arrest on similar charges. On September 21, a deputy with the Street Crimes Unit stopped a white Chevy Impala in the parking lot of 3280 Tamiami Trail. The driver of the vehicle, 33-year old Christopher McMullen, was reaching around the vehicle suspiciously after being pulled over. A K9 unit then responded, and alerted deputies to drugs inside the vehicle. There was one lone Hydromorphone pill on the driver’s side floorboard- when police searched his person, then found two Ziploc bags with more than 100 pills. Tuesday, police stopped McMullen again- this time for a seatbelt violation. In that traffic stop, police found 92 Hydromorphone pills, 29 Methadone pills, 57 pieces of Suboxone strips, and more than $11,000 in cash.