Punta Gorda, FL- September 7, 2021

One Charlotte County family, including two children, were terrified after a man entered their driveway mumbling and pacing back and forth before trying to enter their vehicle.

Christopher Kyle Holloway (4-03-1988)

On Saturday, September 4, a call was received about a man later identified as Christopher Kyle Holloway staring at them from the end of their driveway on Persay Drive in Punta Gorda. The man began pacing and mumbling how God had sent him there. In fear for their children’s safety, the parents put the kids in the car and locked the doors. Once the woman and children were inside the vehicle, the suspect began forcefully pulling on the front passenger door handle in an attempt to get inside. The victim was able to reverse out of the driveway and met with deputies down the road while the other victim stayed behind.

While speaking with the woman, additional deputies arrived at the home to find the homeowner. He stated that after the victim left with the children, the suspect walked up to his garage and began spraying the yard with weed killer. The victim kept his distance as the suspect then walked across the street and began spraying the neighbors yard with weed killer. The suspect then got on a bicycle where he approached deputies. While speaking with deputies, Holloway’s behavior were consistent with illicit drug use.

Holloway was cleared by medical staff at a local hospital prior to being transported to the Charlotte County Jail where he remains on the following charges:

  • Burglary of an Occupied Conveyance Unarmed
  • Burglary of an Unoccupied Dwelling Unarmed
  • LARC Petit theft 2nd Degree 1st Offence

After speaking with associates of the suspect, it is believed that Christopher Kyle Holloway was under the influence of an illegal substance and had left his residence the night before and hadn’t been seen since. Holloway’s bond is set at $23,000.