There are finally some new rules for medical marijuana after the Florida legislature passed proposals during a recent special session.

As part of the overarching marijuana package, the state will have more than double the current amount of medical marijuana operators. Florida lawmakers signed off on a measure to allow 10 more marijuana operators in Florida, bringing the number to 17. Each operator is then able to open up to 25 retail stores.

But according to the Compassionate Cannabis Clinic of Venice, that may not be permanent. Executive Director Patrick DeLuca told ABC-7, “Unless the legislature decides to pick this up and passes future regulation, these dispensing caps will expire in 2020 and the dispensaries will be able to open unlimited locations.”

Under the new regulations, patients will no longer have to wait 90 days after seeing a doctor to receive a prescription. One bit that is causing some controversy- all cannabis products prescribed are processed into oils or edibles, and cannot be smoked.