Sarasota County Government celebrated the groundbreaking of the West Dearborn Street Improvement Project on Wednesday. The West Dearborn Street Improvement Project, which will include new street lighting, improvements to existing sidewalks, vehicle pavers added to intersections, new landscaping, additional on-street parking, asphalt resurfacing of the corridor, wayfinding signage, comfort stations and shade structures. The project will also include the installation of a gateway – a first for the county. #SRQCountyProjects #SRQCountyPDS

The Englewood CRA Advisory Board held several workshops where the consultants, residents and business owners honed what features they wanted to see on West Dearborn.

The project is slated to begin on June 21st.  The contractor, Wright Construction Group, intends to complete the west end of the improvements along West Dearborn to Old Englewood Road by late 2022.