In October The Cultural Center Of Charlotte County asked for County Commissioners for $300,000 to continue operations. Without an adequate business plan for the center the Commissioners will decide the fate of the center.  The pandemic was said to contribute to the decision saying many of the elderly participants stopped coming to the center. Concerns of continuing the center were in question prior to the pandemic.

On Tuesday, commissioners will debate what to do with the 117,000-square-foot facility in the immediate future as well as options for the long run. This will be at the 9 a.m. meeting at 18500 Murdock Circle.

Commissioners will be asked to agree to lease the facility to Freedom Bible Church for $5,900 a month, The lease will end February 2022. The church has been holding services in part of the Cultural Center.

Estimated operating costs are estimated to be $2.7 million a year requiring 34 staff members.