An Englewood community impacted by Hurricane Ian have been reaching out to help others in need!

A group in Mobile Garden community headed by Beverly Morford have been sewing dresses to  send to little girls in the Republic of Malawi in southeast Africa. The effort is part  of the “Dress a Girl Around the World” campaign.

They say the weekly sewing sessions have helped them cope as they were dealing with the aftermath of Ian.

The Mobile Gardens women have made 50 dresses.

Dress a Girl Around the World is a Campaign under Hope 4 Women International (a 501 (c) 3 organization) bringing dignity to women around the world since 2006.  Hope 4 Women International is a nondenominational independent Christian organization.  Visit our website to learn more at Hope 4 Women International.

We dream of a world in which every girl has at least one new dress.  We want girls to know that they are worthy of respect, and that they are loved by God.

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