ENGLEWOOD — Englewood residents are upset about how they are being notified of Englewood Water’s boil water notices. So far the only way to get an alert is on Facebook, which not everyone has. Englewood Water Management Administrator Raymond Burroughs agrees the communication could be better.  Burroughs understands the communication issues and is working to resolve it.

On Friday it was announced that the district will buy a code red alert system. The goal is to better alert 50,000 users of any future boil water or other warnings. They have been using the Sarasota County Emergency Alert system to notify customers on Facebook.

Currently the whole system doesn’t get shut down if there’s a water line break in one concentrated area due to the fact it impacts a fraction of users. Until now they have been relying on staff to hang tags on homes most affected.

Englewood Water customers will be notified when the new system is up and running.

Residents can call the Englewood Water District at 941-474-3217 or visit the website for updates at: EnglewoodWater.com