Englewood, FL – September 14, 2022

An Englewood man crushes victim’s truck with excavator after battering her over lack of drug money.

Richard J. Hamilton (07/24/1986)

Charlotte County deputies responded to a domestic dispute on September 11 where the victim had been physically assaulted. Throughout the night of September 10, the suspect, identified as Richard J. Hamilton (07/24/1986), drove the victim around to several gas stations throughout the North Port, Port Charlotte, and Englewood areas, all while Hamilton demanded the victim find money for drugs. When the victim was unable to, Hamilton became increasingly agitated.

On the afternoon of September 11, Hamilton and the victim arrived at Kelly’s Stone Sand & Boulders where Hamilton is employed. Hamilton exited the victim’s truck, taking the keys with him and leaving the victim without a way to leave the area. When the victim notified Hamilton that the phone had died after calling several people in an attempt to borrow money, he returned to the truck and physically assaulted the victim again.

Hamilton then drove the victim to the nearby Circle K on San Casa Drive. When the victim attempted to exit her truck with her phone and purse, he snatched them away from her and drove off. The victim was able to borrow a cell phone to contact family for a ride.

Once the victim returned to Kelly’s Stone Sand & Boulders, they witnessed Hamilton laughing hysterically and smashing the Chevrolet Silverado utilizing the bucket of the excavator.

“All types of crime can be linked back to addiction, including domestic battery. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please, reach out for help,” states Sheriff Bill Prummell.

Deputies made contact with Hamilton at his place of work and was arrested on the following charges:

  • Criminal Mischief More than $1000 Damage
  • Commit Domestic Battery By Strangulation
  • False Imprisonment of a Person Against Their Will

Hamilton was transported to the Charlotte County Jail where he remains.

Sheriff Prummell is working to eliminate drug addiction in our community through the Drug Recovery Initiative. Through this initiative, those seeking assistance can bring their user amount of drugs to any district office or call deputies to your location. Through partnership with Charlotte Behavioral Health Care, deputies will bring the caller to detox free of charge, without fear of arrest.