Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office:
It has been brought to our attention that, yet again, scammers are calling and pretending to be members of the CCSO.
Be extra cautious when answering a number you don’t recognize or when someone is asking about something of which you have no knowledge.
You can always call our non-emergency line, (941) 639-2101, to verify if we reached out to you.
Slam the Scam by hanging up immediately if something seems unusual. DO NOT give out personal information.
Don’t fall for this social media Hoax! We have seen similar posts circulating around Charlotte County. Always do your research before sharing!
FDLE’s Missing Endangered Person’s Information Clearinghouse is warning citizens about an attempted kidnapping hoax circulating on social media. These posts claim a local child was almost abducted. Details are vague but no attempted kidnappings have been reported matching the information in the posts.
Below are the hoax posts from Florida, Nebraska, and California.
May be an image of car, tree, outdoors and text that says       May be an image of outdoors and text that says