The Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) Task Force released the results of Operation Breaking Chains, a strategic initiative in 17 Florida counties that focused on reducing human trafficking throughout the state and prosecuting those responsible for trafficking individuals. During this month-long operation, here in X county, X victims were recovered, X traffickers were identified, and a total of 363 arrests took place across the 17 counties during the Task Force Operation Breaking Chains.
The following are the statewide totals:
• 16 total Sheriff’s Offices participated in the month-long operation.
• 29 victims recovered
• 31 traffickers identified
• 4 traffickers arrested
• 363 interdiction stops made both highway and waterway
• 4 victims rescued for interdiction stops
• Over 1,000 man hours doing knock and talks at multiple business locations
• 363 total arrests
• 7,591 social media and sign messages distributed
• 33 non-government community-based organizations assisted during the operation
Sheriff Bill Prummell of Charlotte County states, “Human trafficking is an ever-present issue, especially in the state of Florida. While this operation did not uncover any local traffickers, it is great to see that 31 were identified statewide, and 29 victims were recovered. We cannot pretend that our area is immune to human trafficking, despite this operation not revealing any here, and we will continue our efforts to find these people and keep it out of our community.”