A Message From The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office

Unfortunately in the wake of any natural disaster comes the risk of falling victim to insurance fraud and other construction related scams.

How can you tell if a business might not be reputable? Here are some popular tactics we tend to see:

Tornado Damage
Photo courtesy of Charlotte County Government
  • A “business” knocking on your door looking for business because they are “in the area.”
  • Saying they can use materials left over from a previous job to save you money.
  • Asking you to pay for everything up front or only accept cash.
  • requiring you to get any required building permits.
  • Scammers may suggest you borrow money from a lender they know. (Never agree to any loan without understanding the terms of the loan and knowing whether you can make the payments.)
  • Pressuring you for a decision on the spot.

Sheriff Bill Prummell reminds the citizens of Charlotte County to be extremely cautious when hiring anyone to complete work. “Scammers are hoping to take advantage of individuals who are in desperate need of assistance. By thoroughly researching contractors and asking for personal referrals, you are less likely to become a victim to these heartless criminals,” advises Sheriff Prummell.

As a reminder:

  • Never give personal information to those you don’t know.
  • Consider only contractors who are licensed and insured. To verify a state contractor, you can search for a licensee on The Department of Business and Professional Regulation site.
  • Check with state or county government to confirm their license and ask the contractor for proof of insurance on the County website.
  • Get contractor recommendations from people you know and trust.
  • Get multiple estimates.
  • Read contracts carefully.
  • Never pay the full amount for the project up front.

For more information on local licensing and to verify a potential business, please visit:

Charlotte County Contractor Licensing

Report scams here or contact the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office at 941-639-2101.