The Department of Health Sarasota is working on dates/timeframes for vaccine distribution for frontline healthcare workers (employment ID required) or individuals age 65 or older.
Their appointments offered are currently full but they recommend that eligible individuals follow the event page as they will be loading future appointments:…/covid-19-vaccination…

You must be a front-line health care worker or age 65 or older and you must remain in Sarasota County to receive your second-round shot, 28 days after your first appointment.

Download and complete the Department of Health COVID-19 Vaccine Screening and Consent Form and bring it to your appointment in order to be vaccinated.

Register for a specific appointment time.

Bring your consent form, registration ticket and a valid ID to your appointment.

Please visit WWW.SARASOTAHEALTH.ORG to schedule an appointment and download the consent forms.

Anyone not able to print a ticket (reservation) may show it to us on their cell phone.