Florida Fish And Wildlife –
A record 707 divers registered for the 2022 Lionfish Challenge this year and together they harvested more than 25,000 invasive lionfish from Florida waters during the summer-long event!
All hail to your 2022 winners:
🥇 Recreational Division (Lionfish King): Isaac Jones- 1,018 lionfish
🥈 Recreational Division: Baye Beauford- 863 lionfish
🥉 Recreational Division: Helen Rodney- 800 lionfish
🥇 Commercial Division (Commercial Champion): Paul DeCuir- 1,092 lbs. of lionfish
🥈 Commercial Division: Alex Fogg- 1090 lbs. of lionfish
🥉 Commercial Division: Isidoro Bedoya- 1008 lbs. of lionfish
Media release: https://bit.ly/3Udv7Zl
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