Charlotte County Sheriff’s deputies busted a woman for having a bit more than a tail light out on her car on Saturday.

They said the tail light was the start of it. When the pulled 28 year old Keri Ann Bonneville over, they said she kept pulling at her clothing, and deputies noticed a bulge in her bra, that shouldn’t have been there. The Englewood woman consented to a search, the deputy patted her down and heard what sounded like pills rattling in a pill bottle. Bonneville pulled the bottle and a pouch out of her bra and deputies said they found more than 50 Flexeril pills, one of which Bonneville said she painted blue, to sell as Oxycodone. Deputies said the pouch had paraphernalia and some other pills in it. They then search the car and found 21 year old Mandi Aston of Englewood. She was charged with drug possession since deputies found an opiate spoon where she was sitting in the car. Both women are facing numerous drug related charges.