The town of Longboat Key is seeking up to $76,500 for the 2011-12 fiscal year in West Coast Inland Navigation District funds for police and fire/rescue marine operations in the Manatee County portion of the issland. Mayor Jim Brown writing to the Manatee County Commission that the town currently has a partnership with Sarasota County for capital and operating expenses that allows communities in Sarasota County to support each other’s marine operations. Funding is provided on a reimbursement basis, so Sarasota County pays only for actual hours on the water. The town is seeking a similar partnership with Manatee County. Mayor Brown pointing out that the majority of Public Safety marine efforts take place in the Manatee County portion of Longboat Key. In fact, he says, the single location that requires most of their time is Greer Island which is actually a County-owned property located on the South side of Longboat Pass.