A Charlotte County deputy is being called a hero after helping a lady who was run over in a Walmart parking lot.
Deputy Luke Adamchik couldn’t believe what he saw when he arrived at the Kings Highway Walmart Monday.

The parking lot had quite a different look when police found a 78-year-old pedestrian pinned down after being struck by a vehicle.

The quick actions of the deputy kept a bad situation from getting worse. After his fellow deputies had decided to wait for an ambulance to remove the car from atop 78-year-old Noreen Valzonis, Deputy Adamchik crawled underneath to keep her comfortable.
The 31-year-old officer said he even removed his glove and put it on her face to protect her from the intense heat.
Five minutes later, the ambulance arrived and was able to rescue the pedestrian.

The deputy said that he was just doing his job.