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Pine bark shortages threatening blueberries

Florida’s blueberry growers say a shrinking supply of pine bark threatens this blossoming crop. A bark shortage has some people scrambling to find suppliers with enough to sell. Limestone in some parts of the state leave the soil unsuitable for blueberries, so growers have relied on layers of pine bark to lower its pH.

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Large tegu lizard found in Sarasota

Residents of one Sarasota neighborhood say they have finally caught the large tegu lizard on the loose in their community. Fed up with the lizard scaring their pets and eating from their gardens, someone set a trap to capture the four-foot lizard. A local trapper has destroyed the lizard, which FWC calls an invasive species. […]

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Sarasota Budget Hearings to Start

A solution to next year’s projected $3.6 million budget deficit in Sarasota may involve reducing payments to a city employee benefits fund. Meanwhile, Sarasota leaders continue to grapple with this summer’s financial problems, brought about in part by declining revenues from red light camera fines. The Herald Tribune reports the City Commission voted unanimously yesterday […]

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