CCSO Deputy Saves Life Of One-Year-Old

A 21-year-old man is behind bars and may be lucky to have not been charged with murder after a babysitting job went wrong. Shane Voswinkel was watching a 1-year-old baby of his girlfriend earlier this month when a neighbor heard the baby crying and called authorities. Before police arrived, Voswinkel ran to the neighbor’s house after the baby lost consciousness. It was then when a Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office deputy arrived and saved the child’s life by performing CPR. The child was taken to a hospital and doctors examined the child and said the markings were those of attempted suffication. The baby’s neck had also been snapped. It gets worse. Voswinkel was watching the child in March when something happened and the boy was taken to a hospital as well. Thankfully, the boy is in child protective custody, Voswinkel is still in jail and there is no word on the mother.

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